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Relief Sun - Rice + Probiotics Facial Sunscreen

Relief Sun - Rice + Probiotics Facial Sunscreen

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Product Name: Sunscreen

Main Ingredients: Rice Extract 30% + Grain Probiotic Complex

Efficacy: sunscreen

Applicable skin: all skin types

Storage: placed in a cool place

How to use: Take out the right amount of sunscreen and apply it directly to the area that needs sun protection


1. This sunscreen is an organic sunscreen that can be gently applied to the skin and contains skin-calming ingredients that make it easy to use for sensitive skin.

2. UV protection: SPF50 + PA ++++, the product has been tested in clinical trials of SPF50 + UV protection in two testing laboratories in South Korea and Spain. It is suitable for all skin types and helps protect the skin from UV rays.

3. It absorbs ultraviolet rays into the skin, and after a chemical reaction with ultraviolet energy, it converts it into harmless heat, and then disappears, so even if it is applied several times, it is moist and can be applied naturally.

4. Rice Extract 30% + Grain Probiotic Complex: It contains grain fermented lysate ingredients that help nourish the skin with natural power.

5. It has a light moisturizing cream texture, so it will not rub on cosmetics, and there is no white plaster.

Package Included:

1 * Sunscreen


  • organic sunscreen
  • can be gently applied to the skin
  • light moisturizing cream texture


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