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Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies

Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies

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Whenever youre in trouble... just yelp for help with your PAW Patrol Walkie Talkies! These fun Walkie Talkies for kids feature a cool design with your favorite characters, Chase and Marshall! Durable and lightweight, these toys are built tough for action-packed adventures.

Kid-friendly controls make it easy and fun to exchange messages with friends and family. Makes a great gift for any little pup!

  • PAW PATROL TO THE RESCUE! Chase is on the case! Push the button, and send a message to your rescue team! Tell them where they need to go and what to do to save the day! And Marshall! Make sure you let the patrol know youre A-ok!
  • UNIQUE SCULPTED DESIGN: Two walkie-talkies shaped like a police communicator! One sculpted with Police Pup Chase and the other Firefighter Marshall! Which hero are you?
  • STATIC-FREE COMMS: When youre out on an adventure you need clear communication with your rescue team at all times! These mid range walkie-talkies work at approx 500ft with crystal clear sound so you can stay in total contact!
  • STRONG AND FLEXIBLE: It can get a bit rough on a rescue mission, and we know Marshall can be a little clumsy! So we built your walkie talkies strong, and with a flexible antenna in case you drop it in the line of duty!
  • WHERE FUN MEETS PERFORMANCE: eKids is committed to the safe and responsible design of quality kids toys and electronics and recognized as a leader in cutting edge kids technology, and electronic merchandise
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