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Mini Collectible Stylized Plush

Mini Collectible Stylized Plush

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Grow a little smile with every Sakuties Mini Collectible Stylized Plush. Hold the flowerpot and tug on the sprout to reveal a super soft stuffed animal.

Discover 1 of 12 tiny, 4-inch critters from Series 1, including Reagan, Axl, Abigail, Rachel, Cara, Valeria, Wally, Ben, Sam, Leah, Calil, and the rare bunny rabbit, Erin. Collect all 12 to play with, display, share, and trade with friends. To cultivate more fun, decorate and repurpose the reusable pot for plants and crafts at kids parties, picnics and more.

Sakutie plushies make fantastic birthday gifts, stocking or basket stuffers, and party favors for kids and plant lovers ages 3 years and up.

  • Includes: 4-inch Super Sakutie plush toy, reusable flowerpot package.
  • Cuteness for Everyone: Grow a little smile with every Sakuties Mini Collectible Stylized plush stuffed animal.
  • An Adorable Dozen: Tug on the sprout to discover 1 of 12 plushes from Series 1, including Reagan the raccoon, Axl the axolotl, Abigail the bear, Ben the frog, Sam the pup, Rachel the fox, Cara the cow, Valeria the Dalmatian, Calil the panda, Wally the hedgehog, Leah the kitten, and the rare bunny rabbit, Erin.
  • Perfect Companions: at 4-inches tall, Sakuties stuffed animals are perfectly sized to carry in a pocket, tuck into a lunchbox as a surprise, or take along in a purse or backpack.
  • Continue to Cultivate Fun: Grow a real plant or decorate the reusable pot with craft supplies (seeds, soil, and craft items not included).
  • You Plant Have Enough: Sakuties make great collectibles for play, display, sharing, and trading.
  • Grow a Little Smile: These adorable plushie animals make wonderful birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, and “just because” gifts for children ages 3 years and up.
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