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Forceflex Large Trash Bags

Forceflex Large Trash Bags

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Keep your trash contained with the durability and quality of Glad. Glad Large Trash bags are designed with ForceFlex technology to give extra flex as it expands around sharp edges and heavy loads, so you can pack it in without ripping.

These dual-layered trash bags feature RipGuard and LeakGuard technology to resist punctures, rips and tears, and the seepage of liquids.

Let the stretchable strength of Glad handle all the messes our busy daily life can throw at it and then some. The durable Grips-The-Can Drawstring ensures that the bag stays in place, and provides a sturdy handle making it easy to lift, carry, and toss the bag.

Tough and resilient, Glad can handle some abuse, so shake the trash deeper into the bag while keeping everything contained. Take on trash with the confidence of Glad.

  • 30 GALLON BLACK PLASTIC TRASH BAGS: Handle the toughest jobs around the home, yard or office with the versatile, 30 gallon garbage bag, designed with stretchable strength to handle the heaviest loads without tearing; Packaging may vary
  • GARBAGE BAG LINER: This large trash bag liner with LeakGuard and RipGuard Protection can withstand even the toughest and messiest trash making it great for restaurants, offices and other commercial facilities
  • FORCEFLEX STRENGTH: Inner layer designed with ForceFlex technology allows garbage bag to stretch and expand over sharp edges with heavy loads
  • RIPGUARD AND LEAKGUARD PROTECTION: Designed with leak protection with double side seals and a reinforced bottom to handle the heaviest load without punctures, rips or tears
  • GRIPS-THE-CAN DRAWSTRING: The durable drawstring design grips the can so the bag stays in place, and makes it easy to close and easy to carry out the trash, with no fear of leaks or tears
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