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Elite Water Filter Replacement

Elite Water Filter Replacement

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Get cleaner*, great-tasting water for longer with the Brita™ Elite™ Pitcher Replacement Filters which remove 99% of Lead* in your water and reduces 30 contaminants. This long-lasting water filter is made with Advanced Carbon Core Technology™ to reduce more than 3x the contaminants of standard Brita filters. The Brita™ Elite™ replacement filter reduces Lead, Asbestos, Mercury, Benzene, Cadmium, and more*. Change the Brita™ Elite™ filter every 120 gallons, about every 6 months for best performance**.

The pull top cap makes insertion and removal easy. With activated carbon to reduce chlorine taste and odor, this water filter delivers great-tasting water and maintains a healthy level of fluoride (applies to fluoridated municipal tap water). The fibrous matrix in the filter holds active ingredients in place so no black flecks appear in your water.

One Brita™ Elite™ filter can replace up to 900 16.9 oz single-use plastic bottles and reduces more contaminants vs. PUR and ZeroWater (based on NSF/WQA certifications for Brita OB06, PUR PPF951K, and ZeroWater ZF-201 pitcher filters as of 8/17/21). *Cleaner vs. tap water.

Healthier based on health contaminant reduction per WQA certifications. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water. See certifications. **Approximate timing based on 120 gallon (454 litres) filter life and average family usage of 11 glasses per day. ^Versus standard 16.9 oz bottled water. No single-use plastic bottle waste.

  • Get cleaner*, great-tasting, water without the waste^ with Brita™ Elite™ water filter replacements; you can save money and replace 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles^ per year; Packaging may vary
  • Reduces 99% of lead, filters Chlorine (taste and odor), Cadmium, Mercury, Benzene, Asbestos, and more; Brita™ Elite™ filters out more than 3x the contaminants vs. standard Brita™ filters*
  • The Brita™ Elite™ lasts 3x longer than Pur filters and 6x longer than standard ZeroWater filters; only replace the Brita™ Elite™ water filter 2x a year, about 6 months**
  • Compatible with all Brita™ pitchers and dispensers except Stream; just insert filter into reservoir, line up pitcher notch with filter groove, press firmly to ensure tight seal
  • Blue in color and made without BPA, Brita™ Elite™ filters feature a pull-top cap for easy removal and with no presoaking, filter installation is fast and simple
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