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Cow Plush Easter Basket - 8 inch

Cow Plush Easter Basket - 8 inch

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Our adorably unique Kipekee plush baskets are the perfect addition in any Easter celebration! The basket set includes a baby bib, plush toy, baby rattle, and of course the basket! Kipekee upcycled baskets bring new life to leftover fabrics and every piece is hand-picked from India and sewn together to create a one-of-a-kind product that can be shown off long after the goodies are gone!
  • Kipekee by DanDeeTM is sure to play a shining role in so many childhood memories.
  • Born from our passion and commitment to help reduce waste on our planet, each product in our line is lovingly crafted from materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The collection utilizes upcycled fabric from India and PET bottles that have been recycled and turned into stuffing for plush.
  • By using spare fabric, we have purposefully crafted a unique aesthetic - the perfect addition to a room or nursery or to be given as a gift for any special occasion! We designed our plush with a combination of prints and patterns from these fabrics along with the sweetest of expressions for a lifetime of love and ensuring that no two items are alike - each truly being, ‘kipekee’.
  • “kipekee” (key-peh-kay) means “unique” in Swahili


Color: White
Manufacturer Part Number: 201075-C
Assembled Product Weight: 0.71 lb


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