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Cats & Dogs Liquid Herbal Medicine

Cats & Dogs Liquid Herbal Medicine

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✅WORM MEDICINE FOR CATS & DOGS: Our natural pet medicine, DEWO Clear, is effective in naturally removing various types of intestinal worms such as roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm, and hookworm in both cats and dogs. This broad-spectrum treatment is a reliable ally in the fight against worm infestations.

✅SAFE INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in our worm medicine are all natural and safe. This gentle treatment can work with your pet's immune system to help remove intestinal worms without causing any harm.

✅FORMULA DEVELOPED BY VETERINARIANS IN THE USA: The product can be used from 3 weeks old pet. Has no contraindications.

✅EASY TO USE: just mix the drops (weight by weight) into your cat's or dog's food or water. Better than pills or tablets, tabs .

✅DOSE ONCE TO TWICE A DAY: Cat, kittens and Dog up to 20 lbs ½ drop, dogs 20-35 lbs 1 drop, dogs 36 lbs 2 drops. Protect your pets all year round.

  • Dewormer for Dogs and Cats

    Professionally formulated to effectively treat all major types of worms like tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms. Natural dewormer works for both dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes or age. It will work both for puppies and kittens, as well as for senior pets.
  • With this liquid pet supplement, you simply add anywhere between half a drop to two drops to your pet’s food or water, depending on weight. The powerful ingredients are then quickly absorbed, allowing them to go straight to the source of the problem and work their magic.
  • 100 percent Natural: You won’t find any chemicals in our cleansing elixir – just all natural ingredients specifically formulated to help your pet’s body fight off or keep out intruders. As all components are absorbed by your pet’s body, you’re free to treat them every day. Plus, even the pickiest of them will like the taste!
  • USA-Sourced: We chose each ingredient based on recommendations from leading veterinarians and meticulously selected quality sources right here in the USA. The result is a product we’re proud to give to our canine and feline companions.
  • We’re here to help you do everything you can to keep your pet healthy and happy. This fast-acting cleansing supplement is your proactive or reactive weapon against the plethora of pathogens your pet could encounter.
Oregano, black walnut, pumpkin, oregon grape, wormwood, Pau D’Arco/div>
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